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The Summer Solstice has long been marked as a time of expressing gratitude for the gifts of harvest, bounty and abundance. Astronomers however measure the start of summer by pinpointing the day on which the Earth is tilted towards the sun at a 23.5 degree angle – the closest the Earth comes to the sun.

June 20 and 21 (depending on where you live) marks the day where we welcome the Summer Solstice in the northern hemisphere. This beautiful day has been celebrated for thousands of years and is the day of most light. Spiritually this day symbolizes much more! The Summer Solstice also represents a time when we celebrate light over darkness regarding our spiritual evolution and journey. Throughout history many cultures including the Mayans, Egyptians, Romans and even Vikings observed this day as a marker to figure out various cycles including when to plant and harvest crops. In ancient Egypt, the summer solstice corresponded with the rise of the Nile River. Its observance may have helped to predict annual flooding.

Different cultures and religious traditions have different names for the summer solstice. In Northern Europe, it’s often referred to as Midsummer. Wiccans and other Neopagan groups call it Litha, while some Christian churches recognize the summer solstice as St. John’s Day to commemorate the birth of John the Baptist.

Many of the ancient cultures-built temples or structures that captured the divine moment of alignment. The Summer Solstice is when our powerful sun brings in an over abundance of intense, “Light Energy”. This “Light Energy” is symbolic of the Light of the Creator or Source/God. This time is filled with pure life force energy. The portals of ascension are open!

Celebrate this sacred time as a powerful reminder of the light within each of us and collectively as a ‘unified one’ (also known as Christ consciousness). This powerful time is about awakening, alignment, ascension and overcoming our shadows. Many of us have been through a plethora of changes, trials and tribulations. These misfortunes should be looked at as catalysts to instigate change within us and upon our planet.

Listed below are a few things we can all do to honour the light within us.

1. Take hot baths with Epsom salts to cleanse our chakras and energy centers

2. Recite prayers of gratitude for all we have and all that is coming (pray for others) Mantras are powerful (practice gratitude to enhance your manifesting abilities)

3. Spend time honoring Mother Earth (Get out in Nature). Ground your energy into Mother Earth with the intention to raise the vibration of Gaia and all of creation upon the planet.

4. Make a list of everything we wish to accomplish and manifest (Vision Boards are great!)

5. Drink lots of water to release toxins and stuck energy

6. Meditate, Go within, and Journal

7.Take several deep breaths throughout the day with the intension of bringing this beautiful healing life force energy to and through you

8. Call upon your Spiritual Teams (Masters, Angels, Guides, Loved Ones, and of course Source/ God. This is a time when the portals to the higher dimensions are fully open.

Enjoy this powerful time of ascension, manifestation and renewal!!

Love, Light and Blessings


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