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Ann Stark: Video Testimonial

Ann Stark: Video Testimonial

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Salmas gift brings a transformation of peace on both ends

I believe that some people are destined to meet because in some way or another, they are meant to make such a profound impact in your life, that it's life changing. Salma is one of those people. She has a very special gift to connect you with your loved ones who have passed on and share their message with you. Not only is it healing for you to receive a message from a passed loved one, it is also healing for their spirit as Salma's gift brings a transformation of peace on both ends. She is so incredibly compassionate and caring. No matter how tough the message, her messages are always delivered with grace and integrity because she cares so deeply about everybody. She has the ability to feel your most vulnerable emotions and at the same time make you feel safe while you work through your vulnerability to create a space of self empowerment. Salma sees beauty in everything, there is nothing fake about her because she always comes from a place of love. I will forever be grateful for her help in hearing my mothers message. It has helped me understand the circumstances in which she passed and I have a great comfort that she is with me always as my spirit guide. Thank you Salma for using your gift to bring healing and light into this world, you are very needed. Thank you for helping me see myself the way God sees me, which is only with love.

- With gratitude, Clara