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Ann Stark: Video Testimonial

Ann Stark: Video Testimonial

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Salma is ready to work with you!

Salmas gift brings a transformation of peace on both ends

I believe that some people are destined to meet because in some way or another, they are meant to make such a profound impact in your life, that it's life changing. Salma is one of those people. She has a very special gift to connect you with your loved ones who have passed on and share their message with you. Not only is it healing for you to receive a message from a passed loved one, it is also healing for their spirit as Salma's gift brings a transformation of peace on both ends. She is so incredibly compassionate and caring. No matter how tough the message, her messages are always delivered with grace and integrity because she cares so deeply about everybody. She has the ability to feel your most vulnerable emotions and at the same time make you feel safe while you work through your vulnerability to create a space of self empowerment. Salma sees beauty in everything, there is nothing fake about her because she always comes from a place of love. I will forever be grateful for her help in hearing my mothers message. It has helped me understand the circumstances in which she passed and I have a great comfort that she is with me always as my spirit guide. Thank you Salma for using your gift to bring healing and light into this world, you are very needed. Thank you for helping me see myself the way God sees me, which is only with love.

- With gratitude, Clara

Faith Restored!

A big shout out to Salma Kassam with whom we had the opportunity to connect with The World Beyond. To say "faith restored" -although on a different level, is an understatement. She is the most compassionate human being, knowledgeable and SPOT ON. Every statement had a significance. Although grief never goes away - but the strategy of grief for sure changes as of TODAY. ITS A NEW BEGINNING for us from this point forward. "YESTERDAY ONCE MORE"

- S. Dharas

Absolutely phenomenal experience!

Absolutely phenomenal experience. I finally feel at peace after Salma was able to connect with my brother. You have a gift and are an angel in disguise. Thank you for taking the time to speak with my mom and I today. Can't wait to talk to Karim again.

 - S. Dewji

She educated and helped us beyond measure!

Words are not enough to describe the beautiful soul Salma is. She has entered into my life and provided her gift to connect me with my parents. At first, me and my sister did not know what to expect or how we would be at the end of our reading. But instantly Salma brought peace and calmness when we first arrived. She educated and helped us understand. I appreciated that Salma provided validation for us, sharing things that only would have come from my parents. She brought peace to me knowing that my parents are constantly around us and they are wanting to connect with us, we just need to look for the signs. After leaving, I reflected on the experience, and honestly, I cannot explain it but I have never felt more connected to them. Salma your compassion, empathy and the need to educate is why I felt safe during such a vulnerable experience. You practice wholeheartedly and with authenticity, which is why I would definitely recommend everyone come see you. Not only do you connect us with our loved ones, but we learn from you through the process. Once again, Salma, thank-you for connecting me to my parents and allowing me to finally notice and feel their presence. Truly, you are a gift that entered into my life!

- J. Shergill

I felt an immediate connection with Salma

From the moment I walked through the door I felt an immediate connection with Salma.  She is so warm, genuine and very welcoming.  Even though this was my first visit with her I felt so safe and knew that I had made the right choice to come to her for my Akashic Record Reading:). My reading with Salma was nothing short of profound.  I was amazed at what she revealed to me around my soul's purpose, both past and present; as well as what my mission is now in order to heal and move forward. I was and still am trying to process all that she shared with me during our short time together.  The fact that Salma also provided me with guidance and suggestions so that I can keep doing work on my own was so much appreciated. Although I hadn't wanted to focus on bringing anyone forward from the other side, I was blessed with a visit from a person who had a sincere apology for me.  In life those words were never spoken, so for them to come through was so emotional and such a beautiful gift of healing and release for both of us.  Thank you from the bottom of my indeed are an Angel.  I will definitely be coming back to see you as soon as I can.

- S.E.

Salma is amazing! She makes you feel so welcome and loved.

On my way to meet Salma, I was flushed with many emotions. I felt nervous and kind of ill. This was my first reading and I did not know what to expect. Before we started, she told me about herself and how this works. The more and more she talked, I could feel my body calming down. Salma was able to connect with someone that has passed into the next life with me and was able to bring so much peace to my mind and body. I felt that everything that I didn't get to hear before his passing, everything that I hoped to hear during the reading, was said and more! When we were finished, I felt so relaxed! I was happy and very peaceful! I love Salma, she makes you feel so welcome and loved, even if she had just met you. I am so thankful for what she has done for me and for what she continues to do for everyone else. Thank you so much Salma!! This was such an amazing experience!

- Jessica

Salma helps me live with loss

Salma's messages bring love and comfort to those of us who are now physically without our Person. And, by communicating their messages with us, Salma brings peace to our loved ones who have crossed over.
Love does not die.
Death redefines your "relationship" with your person. Our attachments make it terribly difficult not to physically have our person. I miss him everyday, I always will.
I know love is everlasting. He is still with me and around me, just not in the same way.

Salma helps me live WITH loss.
Salma you are a blessing. Thank you falls short. Your gift has given so much comfort and happiness to me. I love you, thank you for giving peace to both of us.

- Staci

Truly an uplifting and empowering experience

Where do I begin ? I have seen Salma in the past but this time I brought my 18 year old son with me. Together we opened our Akashic Records. My son and I have always had an amazing bond. Seeing Salma has only brought us closer. Thru her divine light and love she guided us thru our questions and provided the answers we needed. Truly an uplifting and empowering experience. We both received energy healing and a tune up on our chakras. We feel amazing, grounded and very aware of the heightened beauty around us. Thank you Salma for sharing your gift.. I can not put into words adequately enough my gratitude. I was so proud when you recognized and felt my personal growth over our last session. I bow to the divine in you....

- Leah

We left the session feeling a little more at peace

My mom and I met with Salma in hopes of connecting with a loved one . We had an awesome experience with Salma! She was able to connect with our loved one and brought up personal information that only our immediate family would know about. She was very compassionate, loving, and informative. We left the session feeling a little more at peace. I highly recommend visiting with Salma for a reading if you would like to connect with a loved one who has passed on. It's a great feeling knowing that our loved ones truly are around us and Salma can validate that for you!

- J. Boseley

Salma is ready to work with you!

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