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With springtime comes inspiration and a belief that, like the earth, we too may give new life to our endeavors.

Our earth cycles around the sun, and the Spring Equinox is the exact moment in this cycle where the Sun crosses the equator and our days and nights become of equal length once again. Daylight starts to increase, and the earth is revealing more light. Spiritually and metaphorically, springtime is a time of new beginnings and new life. The first day of Spring has been celebrated by many cultures for thousands of years as the New Year.

This sacred and light-filled time inspires us to let go, release, change, and give birth to new perspectives and ideas, new relationships, and new ways of living and thinking. We are now entering a new phase of Ascension! This light-filled time of Ascension can affect everyone differently. Some people may feel enlightened, renewed, and happy while others may feel more sensitive, frustrated, or more physically or mentally depleted. Please know that whatever you are going through, embracing more love and compassion (for yourselves and others) will assist immensely.

This week is a wonderful time to go within, envision, plan, and take steps towards your goals and ambitions. Be centered on Gratitude for all the Blessings that surround you each day.

Below is a list of some things we can all do to make the most of this beautiful time!

1. Spring Cleaning (let go, recycle, donate) anything you no longer need.

2. Get lots of rest.

3. Drinks lots of water to release toxins and stuck energy.

4. Take a hot bath with Epsom salts to cleanse your chakras and energy centers.

5. Recite prayers of gratitude for all you have and all that is coming (also pray for others). Mantras are powerful (gratitude, gratitude, gratitude!).

6. Spend time honoring Mother Earth (get out in nature).

7. Make a list of everything you wish to accomplish and manifest (Vision Boards are great!). 8. Eat nourishing foods.

9. Journal and go within.

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