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Many of the Archangels have never been born into this world…they are messengers of God/Source. They don’t ascend higher as human beings do because they have been created in a high vibrational frequency like many of the Ascended Masters. Archangels can appear to different people simultaneously, they are beings of unconditional love and light who oversee our guardian angels, other angels, and guides. These highly spiritually evolved beings of light carry the energy of unconditional love. They see us as God/Source sees us!

These beautiful beings of love and light are God’s gift to us in our life’s journey. All human beings have been given free will, so they will not interfere or assist us unless we ask them for help. As today is a full moon, it is appropriate to tell you about the Archangel that associates most with the moon— Archangel Haniel.

Archangel Haniel’s light-blue essence reminds us of the moonlight—which is why she is known as the “Archangel of the MOON.” She is a magnificent Archangel to call upon at the time of a full moon (to release all that is no longer serving us) and on a new moon (to bring fresh, new blessings and opportunities into our lives). Haniel has incredibly feminine, loving energy. She can assist us in bringing more vitality, joy, and passion to our lives. Archangel Haniel is great to call upon during the times of the new and full moon. She helps us heighten our intuitive abilities as well as all aspects of sacred feminine energy (including anything pertaining to woman’s issues). It’s effective to call upon Haniel during the full moon, especially if there’s anything you’d like to release or heal.

Men can benefit from connecting to this magnificent archangel’s feminine energy too. Setting the intention and wearing a moonstone will connect you easily to her powerful energy. If you are an empath, different moon cycles may affect your moods. If this is the case, there are a few things you can do to assist you in utilizing this powerful full moon energy.

Some things you can do: • Go for a walk out in nature • Ground into Mother Earth’s energy • Have an Epsom salts bath (I like to add baking soda) • Write a list of all you are ready to release on this full moon, including fears, doubts, anxiety, conditioned negative patterns and behaviors, anger (for yourself and/or others), etc. Choose a safe outdoor location to burn your list and set the intention to release it from your life. • Drink lots of water and eat foods that are grounding, such as potatoes and carrots • Take all your divination tools (including crystals, pendulums, cards, and water in a glass container) outside and lay them on a table under the full moon. Allow the full moon’s powerful energy to amplify their charge. Water tastes amazing after it has been charged under the moon. I give the water to my family, pets, and plants. • Lastly, if you feel tired or drained…allow your body to rest and relax (nurture your body, mind, and spirit!).

Remember, this also a wonderful time to pray and meditate as well!

Here’s a wonderful invocation you can use to connect with Archangel Haniel:

“Beloved Archangel Haniel, please assist me on this full moon to release all that is no longer serving my highest good. Please bring new beautiful blessings to me in all aspects of my life. Thank you! And so it is!”

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