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Intuitive Card Reading

"I existed from all eternity and, behold, I am here; and I shall exist till the end of time, for my being has no end."

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If you follow my daily / weekly Facebook card readings you know that I have over 8000 followers who love my Angelic Inspiration Card Readings. The readings I do on Facebook are free general readings for anyone that follows me. I have hundreds of people who have been asking me for personalized intuitive card readings and I'm now happy to say that I will be offering this service. 

Salma is ready to work with you!

Being a direct Channel and Medium, I am able to access information from the Angelic realms that allows me to give you accurate information on various aspects of your life. Sometimes we just need a little guidance to help us maneuver through obstacles and stepping stones in life.

I am now offering specialized Intuitive Angelic Inspiration Card Readings which will be e-mailed directly to your inbox. 

You can choose from various card decks or a combination. (Note* I am not a tarot card reader and have no desire or purpose to read tarot.) I use strictly Angelic cards and those that enhance communication with the Angelic realms which is where I access my information for your personalized reading . 

Some of the readings you can choose from include: Romance, Love Life, Life Purpose, Chakra Healing, Healing, Angelic Tarot, Ascended Masters, Soul Readings,  and Angelic Realms. These are just a few options on choices you have to choose many more.

When we learn to fully surrender and open our hearts to the the high vibrational frequency of the Angelic realms...we get accurate guidance on anything we need to know about in life. 

For your personalized report, I will tune into the guidance of your Angels and Guides to provide you the answers that will serve your highest and greatest good. This reading is a combination of cards and tapping into communication with the higher dimensions to provide you accurate, heart centered direction in your life.

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*Since adding this service, I've received many requests for personalized intuitive card reading reports. I wasn't expecting this big a demand!! Please allow 1-2 weeks to receive your personalized card reading report. 



Salma is ready to work with you!

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