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Energy Healing


“It is only by observing healing as a multidimensional energy system (body, mind, and spirit) that true healing can begin”

Salma is ready to work with you!

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Energy Healing is an umbrella term used for various modalities that manipulate the energy circuits in our physical or subtle bodies to regain balance and facilitate our bodies natural healing mechanisms. I have studied various healing modalities from Master teachers all around the world.


Although I use my own combination of healing variation,  I am a conduit and channel that uses mostly trance healing. Trance healing is a powerful method of spiritual healing because the healing energy comes from Spirit. Trance healing is a form of Mediumship because of the healers ability to connect to God/Source/Spirit, Ascended Masters, Angels, and Guides.

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My energy healing practice is holistic and activates the body's natural healing process; as well as, subtle energy systems to remove blocks. By breaking through these energetic blocks, the body's inherent ability to heal itself is stimulated. Our Chakras or Meridians (body’s energy centers) are associated with aspects of our physical, mental, and emotional bodies (Body, Mind, Spirit). If any of these are blocked, the flow of universal energy is also stagnated causing illness.  I usually sit down with the client first to discuss and determine what kind of healing you need. I will often tap in intuitively and ask the 'my healing guides' to assist me in knowing where optimal healing needs to take place.

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Illness, pain, emotional disturbance or any other type of discomfort is a signal that we are out of balance in some aspect of our being. We live in a world of dense frequency. I've yet to meet one person who has not fallen sick in their lifetime. Healing is something that needs to be constantly worked on. Healing only comes about through change and an optimistic outlook.

I also offer long distance energy healing for people and pets around the world.

Taking the initiative to book an Energy Healing is the first step to transformation and wholeness.



“I've been through grief, illness (mental and physical), loss of career and many other obstacles in my life. Although I was quite literally hurting mentally and physically I felt like my soul was absent from my life. I felt like I was waking up each morning to just go through the same steps and actions like a robot. I was numb from the inside out. I cant even begin to tell you how Salma has changed my life. I've had many of Salma's services but I continue to come regularly for energy healing because of the difference it makes in my life. Salma thank-you is not even a big enough word! I honestly don't know what I'd do without you in my life. You are a true earth angel."

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