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Archangel Gabriel

Gabriel is one of two archangels specifically named in the Bible (the other being Michael). In the Old Testament’s Book of Daniel, Gabriel appears to Daniel to help him understand his visions of the future. In the New Testament’s Gospels, Gabriel appears in the Book of Luke in famous scenes called the Annunciation, because the archangel announces the forthcoming births of John the Baptist and Jesus Christ. Scriptural roles underscore Gabriel’s mis­sion as the supreme messenger of God, and why this archangel is the patron saint of communications workers. Archangel Gabriel was also the Archangel that appeared to Prophet Mohamed and delivered the words of god in the Quran.

Artists throughout time have portrayed the angel in the Annunciation and other images of Gabriel with feminine features, long hair, flowing gowns, and—if you look closely at the Renaissance paintings—a feminine figure. Perhaps this is be­cause Gabriel is so closely aligned with the Divine feminine situations of pregnancy, birth, and com­munication. Archangel Gabriel however, appears to me as a man/male energy.

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​When to call on Archangel Gabriel

Gabriel and Mother Mary work closely together to minister to sensitive children. They guide conceptions, adoptions, pregnancies, births, and the raising of children. Because Gabriel is deeply concerned about children’s welfare, the archangel mentors responsible and loving adults who wish to help the young. If you feel called to work with children in any capacity, please ask Gabriel to help you. Gabriel helps earthly messengers such as teach­ers, counselors, writers, artists, and actors. This arch­angel acts like a Heavenly agent and manager who motivates you to polish your skills. Gabriel then opens the door of opportunity for you to work in your chosen career, and gives you a loving push through it if you hesitate. I personally call on Archangel Gabriel often to help me with all my writing projects and or if I have to talk in front of a group or audience. He is the perfect wordsmith and words just seem to flow effortlessly when you ask for his assistance in this way. I even have him on my screensaver.

Gabriel’s halo is copper colored, like the angel’s symbolic trumpet. If you see flashes or sparkles of copper light, or if you find yourself suddenly attracted to this metal, this is a sign that you’re working with Archangel Gabriel.




Crystal or Gemstone:

Astrological Sign:

Cancer, the nurturing and hardworking parent

Salma is ready to work with you!

Archangel Gabriel, thank you for helping me parent my beloved child. Please watch over me and my little one, ensuring our health and happiness.


“Archangel Gabriel please help my words (written and spoken) be Divinely Guided. Please channel through me words that will be loving, intelligent, wise and for the highest good of all.”

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