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Beloved Ones, it is I Archangel Michael. I come to you today to let you know that the portals of manifestation are fully opened. That this is indeed a time of contemplation, prayer, and forgiveness so that you and those in your world can manifest the life you dream of. I wish to emphasize forgiveness at this time. You see Beloved Ones, that when you are not forgiving, you block the essence of Love. It is this essence in its purest and truest form that will unlock all that you wish and desire. See yourselves as one Beloved Children of God…see yourselves in unity for there is no indifference between you. If someone has wronged you, forgive them their mistakes and understand that they also must be going through their own destruction and turmoil. I remind you today Beloved and Dearest children of God, that the portals of manifestation are indeed open. Those that are not willing to forgive and let go of all that is not serving them shall have the hardest time in the months that follow. Release…Beloved Ones. Stand in your truth FEARLESSLY. Know that we Angels are with you, guiding you and assisting you with anything you need…but…you must remember to ask. Go within and connect to the God Source within each of you. Know that all of your prayers are indeed heard. You are protected! You are Loved! It is I Archangel Michael here with you now.

Channeled Message by Medium & Channel Salma Kassam

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