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Namaste my beautiful Angels here are your special messages for today’s Ganesha reading. 🕉

Before I give you your special messages for today's reading please make sure you subscribe to my website so you are informed of any new initiatives or classes I might be implementing. I will be sending e-mails out as soon as I'm ready to hold my online classes.

If you are waiting for me to get back to you about a personal reading appointment date/time, I thank-you so much for your patience. I've had a few things come up that demanded my immediate attention. I do promise to try to get back to everyone as soon as I can. If you don't hear from me in the next couple of weeks...please send me another friendly reminder. The problem I find that is arising is that I have people contacting me on various platforms (Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, voicemail, texting, my website and my e-mail.)from around the world with different time zones. Quite honestly, I'm having difficulty keeping up and I'm looking to implement an easier, less confusing way to do this . In any case, I'm working on a few revisions...your patience is greatly appreciated! I might need to hire some help pretty soon! (wink, wink).

To all my Canadian friends and even those around the world, it's Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada. I have so very much to be thankful for. This Thanksgiving is extra hard for me because it's the first thanksgiving without my dad. I know many of you can resonate with the feeling of emptiness without your loved ones... particularly on special occasions. I feel my dad's presence as I write this. I know he's encouraging me to continue with what I'm doing yet I just long to give him one more hug. If you are missing your loved ones physical to them, tell them you love them and ask them to give you signs. They feel our heartfelt love and receive all our prayers. Please know they send their blessings and prayers back to us.

Now on to today's reading!

1.) For those of you my darling Angels that picked card number one you picked “BEGINNINGS.”

At the start of every endeavour, you will find Ganesha.”

This is an indication of new energy on the horizon that brings open hearted opportunities. Pay attention to where you are going. A new beginning can sometimes have a deeper spiritual significance, encouraging a different consideration or a fresh approach to how you connect with your inner guidance.

With awareness comes understanding. One benefit of this new start may be the opportunity to stay true to your own path and guidance. Release the need to try to bring others into your vision. Trust yourself and be willing to do the work needed at this time. Your inspiration is positive.

Creativity, finances, and love are flowing before you. Ask Ganesha to assist you with the new energy and opportunities ahead of you.

2.) For those of you magnificent Angels that picked card number two you picked “PROSPERITY”.

You have the ability to manifest prosperity into your daily life. Ganesha asks that you work on integrating and accepting the spiritual truth that you create your own reality.

Truly understanding this makes all the difference when it comes to prosperity. You are responsible for creating and generating your success. It is your Divine right to do so.

A job, in itself, does not bring you riches. Abundance is more than a job or having money. It is an attitude. It’s about living with appreciation and gratitude daily for all the blessings that are bestowed on your life. It is easy to forget or neglect the gifts that you receive day after day from the Universe, the Divine, the Source, the Creator.

One of your promised gifts is your Divine ability to generate the success you want in life by using your spiritual talents. These are abilities that are innate within you- you were born with them. They could include writing, speaking, creative expression, or business ability.

Utilize your gifts. You are being given an opportunity to notice and develop them, and begin offering them to the world. You might like to start writing a prosperity journal. Call on Ganesha to work with you on this.

Imagine what a perfect day would look like for you and describe it in great detail in your journal. Involve all of your senses to make it as real as possible. See, feel, smell, taste and touch this experience in your mind and heart to help bring It to fruition.

This is an abundance card my darling Angels! Ganesha is reminding you that you have everything you need now. It is time to claim your abundance.

3.) For those of you my sweet Angels that picked card number three you picked “CHILDLIKE EXPRESSION”.

In truth, within every soul exists an aspect known as the ‘inner child.’

You can champion your inner child's emotional life by listening carefully to what you need and want in your own heart. You may have been taught to give up your own desires for the sake of others. This is not necessary.

Ganesha is bringing the guidance that not acknowledging your desires and needs takes away from your life force and defeats your Spirit. As a child, you were a sensory expert-it is now time to re-stimulate your inner child’s ability to look, listen, touch, and explore the world in order to reconnect you with your emotions.

Practice trusting your inner knowing or senses. Give your inner child love and a voice. Express your true feelings. Connect deeply to yourself on an emotional level by allowing all of your uncomfortable feelings to reach the surface of your awareness and be seen and experienced.

Find patience and joy in simple things. Take a step away from acquiring material things and take pleasure in the wisdom of your own soul. Love, respect and honor your inner child. Allow time for play in whatever mode that pleases you, be it socializing, singing, yoga, travel, taking a walk, dancing, meditating or writing.

This is how your inner child operates. It knows no boundaries, holds no expectations, and loves unconditionally.

Well my darling Angels those were your special messages for today's reading. Whether you are celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend or at a later date please know that I am so very thankful for you!!!

All my love,


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